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Ephedra Ma Huang Boosts metabolic rate and fat loss, Ephedrine is extracted from Ephedra sinica into highly concentarted 20-1 powder tea form.

Ephedrine is a powerful stimulant extract from the Ephedra Sinica Plant. It has been used for 5000+ years as both a stimulant and lung & sinus decongestant.

Ephedra Supplement Products found containing caffeine and ephedra-sinica or ephedrine were found to be more effective for Weight Lose and Energy Boosting then Just Ma Haung by Itself, The Perfect Energy Stimulant Combo Ephedra & Caffeine.

Get ENERGYALLDAY Guarana,Green Tea EGCG Cha-De-Bugre Pre-workout energy supplement as a combo to take along with Ephedra tea powder to sky-rocket your Gym Fitness Lifestyle to another level and break that plateau you have been stuck at for to many years.

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